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Grievance Management Policy http: Iec assignment submission and extension guidelines When preparing your assignments, it is essential that you note that: Failures that are the result of deductions for lateness or loss of marks for referencing, presentation, or plagiarism may not be double-marked; Submission of Assignments Assignments must be submitted by COB 5pm on the due date.

Write ahead log sparklebox

Introduction 15 minutes Gather students on the rug using write ahead log sparklebox preferred classroom management technique. This website has many resources on numerous topics but it is a paid subscription site. Our school subscribes to the site so we have access to many research opportunities for our students.

The site can be used either to introduce students to a topic, which is what I am doing today, or used to support instruction. We will listen to the narrator as she tells us about different modes of transportation.

Who can tell me another mode of transportation we saw? Now I would like you all to stand up stretch as high as you can go, bend down low and touch your toes, now touch your left elbow to your right knee, touch your right elbow to your left knee, turn around three times and sit back down on your spot.

In our county we do not have a great deal of public transportation so I want them to start thinking about how exciting it might be to go on a train, or a rickshaw, or a moped. This insight to different modes of transportation should help broaden their ideas when choosing a transportation mode to write about in their opinion piece.

This book is written by Rick Walton and illustrated by Paige Miglio. Looking at the cover of this book do you think my book is fiction or non-fiction? Emily why do you think this book is fiction? I do not think rabbits wear clothes and go on vacations either, so those are great clues we can see which tell us the book is most likely fictional.

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I think Owen is right. Can anyone tell me what they think I notice? There is something else I notice. This introduces the students to the guessing game in the book. As we continue reading on, I have the students try to predict the mode of transportation we will see on the next page.

Once the story is over I ask the students to recall the different modes of transportation they saw in the book. I will repeat this process until all of the modes of transportation has been named.

If the students cannot recall some of the transportation I will use the rhyming clue from the previous page to prompt them. You do not have to tell me right now, but I am going to ask you your opinion on which mode of transportation you think is the best over at station one.

It can be a form of transportation you have been on or one that you would like to go on.

write ahead log sparklebox

Here is the deal though, once you give an opinion you have to be able to back it up with a reason. We use opinions to make many different choices — like the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, and the person we elect to become a public official. While it is important to formulate an opinion, it is even more important to be able to rationalize why you hold that opinion.

Later on students will become aware of the difference between popular opinion and having your own opinion.

If they are going to choose to go against popular opinion they need the skills to be able to explain their opinion clearly for the opposing point of view and rationalize their stand with facts or physical evidence.

There will be a Word Bankbooks, your friends and me.

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This will be the first time that you will not have a beginning prompt. You will be responsible for your own sentence which expresses your own opinion. There will be a copy of the checklist at the station for you to refer to if you need it.

Set a visual timer and remind the students to look at the timer so they will use their time wisely.Students play transportation bingo match picture to the word - the game boards can be found on the SparkleBox website.

Match the correct sight word sentence to the correct mode of transportation page in an emergent sight word reader.

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