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Navratri Day 6: October 15, 8: She is also known as Warrior Goddess and is believed to be one of the most violent forms of Maa Durga.

Thesis ltd sages entertainment group

Among Americans aged 15 to 34 years, two of the top three causes of death are homicide and suicide. In recent years, this has meant that 88 people die each day from firearm-related homicides, suicides, and unintentional deaths. Further, the number of nonfatal injuries due to firearms is more than double the number of Thesis ltd sages entertainment group.

Research suggests that the time they spend interacting with various media surpasses all other activities except sleep. At the same time, media consumption through mobile devices and the Internet is increasing in every age group.

Since then, various government agencies and organizations have examined the relationship. These include increases in aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, bullying, fear, depression, nightmares and sleep disturbances. Television An average American youth will witnessviolent acts on television before age Overall, weapons appear on prime time television an average of nine times each hour.

Watching Saturday morning cartoons used to be a common aspect of American life. Now, networks feature cartoons continuously. Studies analyzing the content of popular cartoons noted that they contain 20 to 25 violent acts per hour, which is about six times as many as prime time programs.


Studies have shown the average time spent playing to be around 13 hours per week. These interactive games also reward players for successful violent behavior.

Thesis ltd sages entertainment group

Studies have shown that the general effects of violence may be more profound when children play these interactive games than when they watch violence in a more passive manner, such as when watching television. Children 8 to 18 years of age have been found to listen to at least two and a half hours of music a day.

One study by the American Psychological Association APA found a correlation between violent lyrics, and aggressive thoughts and emotions, but not actions.

Content analysis has shown that in music videos more than 80 percent of violence is perpetrated by attractive people, and that it depicts acts of violence mainly against women and minorities. Additionally, artistic features and editing may juxtapose violence with beautiful scenery, potentially linking it to pleasurable or pleasing experiences.

They also found viewers to be more likely to accept the use of violence, to accept violence against women, and to commit violent or aggressive acts themselves. They note that the amount of gun violence in top grossing PG films has more than tripled since the introduction of the rating in Many of these media platforms feature entertainment that contains significant doses of violence, and portrays sexual and interpersonal aggression.

Multiple studies have shown a strong association, and suspicion or suggestion of causality between exposure to violence in the media, and aggressive or violent behavior in viewers. This is a serious public health issue that should concern all family physicians. What Can Family Physicians Do 1.

Consider discussing media use during well-child visits Ask at least two media-related questions: Question patients about excessive exposure to media violence. If you identify heavy use more than 2 hours dailytake additional history of aggressive behaviors, sleep problems, fears, and depression.

Children under two years of age should be discouraged from watching television. Incorporate warnings about the health risks of violent media consumption into the well-child visit. Encourage parents and caregivers to monitor content. Parental monitoring has been shown to have protective effects on several academic, social and physical outcomes, including aggressive behaviors.

Prepared Remarks:

Encourage parents to discuss the content of television, films, video games, music videos, and the Internet with their children and make comparisons to real-life situations and consequences. Consider and discuss movie and video game ratings and labels with parents to set expectations and guide choice of content.

Although film ratings and advisory labels can help parents decide on programs to be avoided, there are two major problems with relying on this system. Counsel parents and caregivers to limit exposure duration Exposure can be limited by removing televisions, video games, computers, and Internet connection from the bedroom.

Limit screen time to no more than two hours a day. Use technology that locks certain channels or turns off the computer or television after a certain amount of time. Clinical environment Limit video and television use in waiting rooms.

Provide only nonviolent media choices in outpatient waiting rooms and inpatient settings. Provide books, toys, and other alternative activities for patients who are waiting.Milliken & Company raises more than $, to support the Spartanburg Community.

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