The behaviour of a supralittoral gastropod biology essay

In the first experiment, habitat penchant was tested. As observed from the tabular array up to the first few hours, no motion was noted. On the 6th hr a individual snail had changed substrate from the all right sand onto the crushed rock. At the terminal of the experiment two of the 3 snails placed on the all right sand had moved onto the crushed rock or coarse sand and one from the coarse sand had moved onto the crushed rock every bit good.

The behaviour of a supralittoral gastropod biology essay

Androgen binding protein provides a mechanism for the accumulation of androgens within the Sertoli cells and its release into the lumen of the seminiferous tubules.

From the lumen, ABP transports testosterone to the epididymis, where they mature and develop the potential for fertilization and motility. Physiological Functions of Estrogens: Estrogens and androgens are necessary for normal reproductive function in male. Information on estrogen functions in the male is obtained by the use of gene knockout technique involving a mutant mouse line without a functional estrogen receptor.

In mice without functional estrogen receptor, the testes atrophy progressively with decrease in the number of spermatozoa in epididymis, their viability and motility. Estrogen regulates the reabsorption of luminal fluid in the head of epididymis.

Disruption of estrogen function causes spermatozoa to enter the epididymis in diluted rather than concentrated, resulting in infertility. Essay on the Female Reproductive System: As in the male, in female the ovary also performs the functions of gametogenesis and as an endocrine gland.

Ova released from the ovary enter the oviducts and Fallopian tube. Fertilization of the ovum usually occurs in the fallopian tubes by the spermatozoa released by the male during copulation. The fertilized ovum descends into the uterus and is embedded in its wall for further development and embryogenesis.

The ovary consists of both epithelial and mesenchymal elements. The mesenchyme differentiates into interstitial tissue, which produces estrogen.

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The epithelial tissue is closely associated with the germinal elements of the ovary. It provides nutrition to the oocytes and is an important source of hormones required for different stages of the ovarian cycle.

The ovary is a solid structure covered by a visceral peritoneum of flattened cells. Inside this is a layer of cuboidal cells, the germinal epithelium. The stroma is divided into outer ovarian cortex and inner ovarian medulla. At birth, each oocyte is surrounded by a single layer of flattened granulosa cells.

The combined structure is known as primordial follicle. The primordial follicles are located near the periphery or cortex of the ovary, and are separated from each other by the stromal connective tissue and interstitial tissue.

The behaviour of a supralittoral gastropod biology essay

The primordial follicles remain inactive until puberty. The follicular epithelial cells are transformed into a single layer of cuboidal cells surrounding the oocyte. The entire structure is known as primary follicle.Its niche is located in a very specific stretch on the shore labelled the supralittoral zone.

This is that area located just above the high tide mark. It is not submerged but is frequently splashed by sea spray when it is windy/stormy (in fact it is also known as the splash or spray zone).

The Behaviour Of A Supralittoral Gastropod Biology Essay. The species chosen for this experiment (or rather set of experiments) is Melarhaphe neritoides. This is a very common (small) species of snail . The Physiological Healing Process Of Soft Tissue Biology Essay. Print Reference this.

The behaviour of a supralittoral gastropod biology essay

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of . The results were organized in the form of tables usually with length in movement or number of snails against time.


In the first experiment, habitat preference was tested. Rough gravel and fine/coarse sand are the typical supralittoral substrates and snails may have a preference to one and not the.

Much of the biology of aggression is hard wired in the amygdala, as was discussed above. Context, on the other hand, is something that we are taught by culture. We learn when to be aggressive, and when not to. In other words, we learn when to inhibit aggressive urges. As mentioned earlier, this is the role of the frontal cortex.

Essay # 1. Meaning of Transpiration: The loss of water in the vapour form from the exposed parts of a plant is called transpiration.

The loss of water due to transpiration is quite high —2 litres per day in Sunflower, 36—45 litres in Apple and up to 1 .

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