Project record player

Within a range of 30 feet, RokBlok can wirelessly send music from your record to any bluetooth speakers or headphones. Wanna share your favorite Gil Scott Heron press with some friends at a park?

Project record player

You can lysten to "Janela" on iTunes: SLP new album "Janela" And with a special guest: Maria Kalaniemi Stockholm Lisboa Project has been touring since in around 20 countries.

Project record player

Mostly in Europe but also in North America and Asia. It turned out to be a great success! It was clear that Finnish and Portuguese music has a lot in common.

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Maria Kalaniemi can be heard on three tracks on the new album "Janela". Rita Maria, Portugal Saxophone: Alice Andersson, Sweden Violin: Maria Kalaniemi is one of the most well respected accordeonplayers in the world.

Her lyrical, sensitive and intense way of playing has became her trademark and she has many fans around the globe. Stockholm Lisboa Project met Maria back in and it was clear from the first moment that our music has many things in common. For instance, Portuguese saudade seems to have strong connections to the Finnish and Swedish mentality.

SLP new album "Janela"

Very welcome to join us for a Finnish accordion-fado-journey, it will be unique! We are still booking consertdates, check our calendar for more info. We had a nice time this weekend rehearsing for the upcoming concerts. If you have a minute check it out!

It has also been a year of change for us. The times they are a changing, also for the people in SLP. Micaela Vaz and Filip Jers has decided to quit our project. Filip will focus on jazz and go on touring with other musical projects.

We wish Micaela and Filip all the best with their new goals in life and profession! During the fallwe have been searching for new musicians to keep on the musical journey with Stockholm Lisboa Project.

Finally, we have found two amazing musicians who have also become very good friends: Winter and spring will be a rehearsing period for SLP. When summer of comes, SLP will be ready to give you new timbre, new grooves, new stories and melodies.

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Right now, we are planning for a tour in Sweden in the end of July Stockholm Lisboa Project will also continue touring in Europe, we just can't wait to get started! Take care and see you soon everybody!Project STOP is an initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to address the problem of precursor diversion through Australian Community Pharmacies.

Explore thousands of free applications across science, mathematics, engineering, technology, business, art, finance, social sciences, and more. SheetRok is a record player that is made out of a sheet of paper, uses no yes, it actually works!

This “manual” record player works by spinning the record yourself. March 31, , Billboard, Page 2: 'Compatible' Disk Unveiled; Wide Discussion in Trade New York - Counting up all the activity of the week among several alphabetical agencies, such as the EIA, the IRE and the RIAA, it was a busy time for the struggling upstart known as the stereo disk.

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A Project/One record player. This Project/One DR model semi-automatic turntable features an adjustable pitch, 33/45 rpm, and quartz lock. Includes audio and power cables.

from Most highly recommended. I don't know what else comes close for $" – Michael Fremer, Stereophile Pro-Ject's innovative Debut line redefined what an affordable turntable could deliver.

Pro-Ject has now once again challenged convention with the Debut Carbon, offering even better performance at an accessible price/5().

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