Pizza hut case study customer loyalty program

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Pizza hut case study customer loyalty program


Referral Program and Social Media Integration Cross-Marketing Insightful automated analytics Mobile Loyalty Program Bonus loyalty program is more about emotions and less about bargain-hunting and savings.

As a result, you get a dramatically high loyalty program penetration and low cost of the loyalty program. Mobile Ordering This module creates an in-app delivery ordering service and a pre-ordering system — a new channel of sales and therefore another revenue stream for your business.

To achieve that, the user interface displays gorgeous mouth-watering pictures of food to the customer and overall ordering process is designed to be much simpler than a phone call or a website order.

Pizza hut case study customer loyalty program

Targeted Marketing Campaigns The module helps to collect a significant amount of feedback by offering guests to leave a comment at appropriate time and by providing them with a user-friendly interface to do so.

Mobile Marketing Automation Campaigns are launched automatically when certain conditions are met. This allows you to catch your guests right at the moment when they are making a decision.

The module also helps to build user activity within your online communities with minimal effort on your part. You may customize your loyalty program enrollment survey in order to receive a necessary data to segment your customer base and narrowly target your marketing campaigns.

Find out the sources of your new mobile app users, their behavioral specifics, habits and preferences which will help you highly personalize your relationships with guests as well as make data-driven strategic decisions.

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Track your sales and marketing effectiveness at a glance! Feedback from top brand marketers.KFC is part of Yum! Brands, Inc., which is the world’s largest restaurant system with over 32, KFC, A;W All-American Food, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and Pizza Hut restaurants in more than countries and territories.

An official says at least 25 people were killed when a speeding bus fell into a canal in southern India. Case Analysis: Pizza Hut – A customer loyalty Program List of Facts In the Carney brothers opened their first Pizza Hut restaurant.

The company was so successful that by it had more than 3, restaurants. Further it was acquired by PepsiCo. It helps Pizza Hut to ‘identify prospects and customers,’ because customers who participate in bonus program can be identified as a ‘customer’.

Pizza hut case study customer loyalty program

Through this, Pizza Hut can reward/satisfy loyal customers for their continued use. Pizza hut focused on providing good customer service in order to create customer loyalty. In return, the customer will return and more importantly, the customer will become an advocate.

Customer feedback programs show more content.

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Case Study For Pizza Hut. Please describe how Pizza Hut improves customer satisfaction through CRM program. In , Pizza Hut started the CRM program which consisted of the following three: hotline, Customer satisfaction/loyalty survey, and Bonus program.

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