Ivor gurney

She felt compelled to play a part, and worked as a VAD nurse in England, France where her first task was looking after wounded German prisoners and Malta. She wrote her Testament of Youth to record the effect of the war on her generation. Her interest in politics sprang from a desire to understand the causes of the war which, in turn, she hoped might help to prevent a recurrence of such a human catastrophe. She continued her biography in Testament of Experience.

Ivor gurney

Edit Born at 3 Queen Street, Gloucester inthe second of four surviving children of David Gurney, a tailor, and his wife Florence, a seamstress, Gurney showed musical ability early.

He sang as a chorister at Gloucester Cathedralfrom towhen he became an articled pupil of Dr Herbert Brewer at the cathedral, where he met fellow composer Herbert Howells who became a lifelong friend.

He also enjoyed an enduring friendship with the poet F. Harvey whom he met in Gurney began composing music at the age of 14, [1] and won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in Stanford told Howells that Gurney was potentially Ivor gurney biggest of them all", but he was "unteachable".

He had a difficult time focusing on his work at college and suffered his first breakdown in At the Front, he began writing poetry seriously, sending his efforts to his friend, the musicologist-critic Marion Scott, who worked with Gurney as his editor and business manager.

Music - Nostalgia - Sex. Retro culture in the information age. Unique albums, unreleased film music,TV music,library music,collectibles and information. Soundtrack madness, strange galleries, rude bits, peculiar photos, sexy records and more more more. Ivor Bertie Gurney (28 August – 26 December ) was an English composer and poet. Contents[show] Life Born at 3 Queen Street, Gloucester in , the second of four surviving children of David Gurney, a tailor, and his wife Florence, a seamstress, Gurney showed musical ability early. He. For most of his adult life, Edward Thomas lived by writing ashio-midori.com wrote topographical works, biographies, critical studies, one novel, some experimental prose pieces, essays about nature and the countryside, and a vast number of book reviews.

He was in the midst of writing the poems for what would become his first book Severn and Somme when he was wounded in the shoulder in April He recovered and returned to battle, still working on his book and composing music including the songs In Flanders and By A Bierside.

In the meantime, Gurney was gassed in September the same year and sent to the Edinburgh War Hospital where he met and fell in love with a VAD nurse, Annie Nelson Drummond, but the relationship later failed. There remains some controversy about the possible effects of the gas on his mental health, even though Gurney had shown some signs and symptoms of a bipolar disorder since his teens.

Severn and Somme, was published in November In MarchGurney suffered a serious breakdown, triggered at least in part by the sudden loss of Drummond. He slowly regained some of his emotional stability and in October was honourably discharged from the army. Gurney received an unconventional diagnosis of nervous breakdown from "deferred" shell shock.

Although Gurney seemed to thrive after the war, when he was regarded as one of the most promising men of his generation, his mental distress continued to worsen. He continued to compose, producing a large number of songs, instrumental pieces, chamber music and two works for orchestra, War Elegy and A Gloucestershire Rhapsody — His music was being performed and published.

However byhis condition had deteriorated to the point where his family had him declared insane. He spent the last 15 years of his life in mental hospitals, first for a short period at Barnwood House in Gloucester, and then at the City of London Mental HospitalDartford, where he was diagnosed as suffering from "delusional insanity systematised ".

He also continued to compose music, but to a far lesser degree. By the s Gurney wrote little of anything, although he was described by Scott as being "so sane in his insanity". Death Edit Gurney died of tuberculosis while still a patient at the City of London Mental Hospital shortly before dawn on 26 Decemberaged He was buried in Twigworth, near Gloucester.

His godfather, the Reverend Alfred Cheesman, conducted the service. Gurney was "a lover and maker of beauty", as it said on his gravestone now replaced after it was damaged—the original stone now stored inside Twigworth church.

The Poetry is in the pity. He set only a handful of his own poems, the best known being Severn Meadows. There is something of Schubert and Schumannbut considerably less of the prevailing folk idiom of the time, in the intensity of his musical language[ citation needed ].

Gurney is known both as a poet and composer and his reputation in both arts has continued to rise. This was followed by P. Gurney is regarded as one of the great World War I poetsand like the others of them, such as Edward Thomas whom he admired, he often contrasted the horrors of the front line with the beauty and tranquillity of his native English landscape - these themes were explored in the musical play A Soldier and a Maker.

Gurney set to music many of the poems of his contemporaries, including many by Edward Thomas and A. Housmanand at least seven by W. Carcanet Press George Walter and R. Poems of London, Cotswold and France, ed. Fyfield Books Carcanet Press Stars in a Dark Night:Welcome to the website of Edmund Blunden.

This site aims to promote an understanding of his poetry and prose to a wider 21st century audience.

Ivor gurney

Ivor Bertie Gurney (28 August – 26 December ) was an English poet and composer, particularly of ashio-midori.com was born and raised in ashio-midori.com suffered from manic depression (bipolar disorder) through much of his life.

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Edmund (Charles) Blunden () B., E.V. The Honorable Mrs. Boyle. Ivor Bertie Gurney was an English poet and composer, particularly of songs.


He was born and raised in Gloucester. He suffered from manic depression through m.

Ivor gurney

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