Global strategic alliences essay

Contractual based alliances usually are short-term arrangements which are suitable when a formal management structure is not needed.

Global strategic alliences essay

Analyse the case study to answer the following 2 questions: Compare and contrast Nokia and Microsoft regarding their global operations and competitive advantages.

References are required, diagrams, official publications, statistic etc concise explanation and analyse. What are the common sources of incompatibility in cross-border alliances? What can be done to minimize them? Explain what is necessary for companies to successfully imple: Discuss the political and economic situation in the Russian Feder-ation with your class.

What has changed since this writing? What are the implications for foreign companies to start a joint venture there now?

Global strategic alliences essay

What is involved in strategic implementation? Explain how the host government may affect strategic implementation—in an alliance or another form of entry strategy.

How might the variable of national culture affect strategic imple-mentation? Use the Mittal Steel example to highlight some of these factors. Discuss the importance of knowledge management in IJVs and what can be done to enhance the effectiveness of that process.

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Application Exercise Research some recent joint ventures with foreign companies situated in Russia or China. How are they doing? Bring your information to class for discussion. The Wall Street Journal wrote: This was a calculated move by Nokia to grow in an industry that carried good prospects for the future.

Both companies needed a partner to expand in an industry that was in a growth mode.

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Since Nokia continued to be a global player in the cell phone industry, it made sense to create a corporate tie-up that aimed at global expansion for both companies. Just a few years ago, Blackberry was the main player in the global mobile industry with its well know technol-ogy and brand name.Strategic alliances are now considered a key source of competitive advantage for companies and have allowed them to cope with increasing organizational and technological complexities that have emerged in the global market.

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IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGIC ALLIANCES IN COMPANY’S ACTIVITY competing on a global field. Strategic alliances are not a panacea for every company and every situation. However, through strategic alliances, companies can improve their competitive positioning, gain entry to. Why are global strategic alliances so prone to failure?

Analyse the key challenges to be overcome and suggest practical ways of improving the chances of success. I will talk about some global strategic alliance examples between companies.

Global alliances are set up when a business desires to enter new geographic market.

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