Gatorade marketing project

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Gatorade marketing project

Team players Disciplined The biggest advantage of sports marketing is that it allows marketers to piggyback on the popularity and devotion many fans feel towards their favorite teams and athletes.

The only major disadvantage is that the sports marketing industry is so large that it can be hard to stand out in the crowd.

A fan who watches a three hour football game will be exposed to dozens of different marketing messages. Marketers must advertise to a wide range of customers, but risk that their ad gets overlooked by fans more interested in the game. This created buzz for both the Olympics and Reebok.

When fans heard the sound in the course of a game, they thought of StubHub. Budweiser — The beer maker invests heavily in TV marketing during the Superbowl. Viewers look forward to the humorous new ads almost as much as the game itself.

Who Employs Sports Marketing? Taking out an advertisement during the radio broadcast of a baseball game or buying a small ad space in the bathroom of an NBA arena can be easy and relatively inexpensive strategies.

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It is only very large companies that will be able to invest heavily in sports marketing though. Securing celebrity endorsers and buying TV airspace during major sporting events can cost tens of millions of dollars.

See also Celebrity Marketing Marketers use sports to reach a certain segment of the population. Typically, the target market is men, but there are exceptions. Figure skating, for instance, attracts a large female audience.

Products that appeal to men like beer, trucks, and snack foods are marketed heavily during sporting events for this reason.

The only real qualification for using sports marketing is having a product with a wide appeal. The maker of highly specific business software would gain nothing from the wide net cast by sports marketing.

The Most Popular Sports It is important for any sports marketer to understand the audience for sports.

Gatorade marketing project

Different customers favor different sports. The chart below, based on a survey by Scarbrough Sports Marketing, illustrates the 20 most popular sports in America.

It contains a number of surprises that are relevant to marketers. The Olympics, for instance, are widely loved despite being held every 4 years.

Sports Marketing | What is Sports Marketing?

Major sports like hockey and golf are less popular than college athletics and individual sports like gymnastics. Marketers use data like this to help them reach their target audience.

Using sports to sell products presents many opportunities that bring both risk and reward. A successful sports marketing campaign can linger in the minds of consumers for years, while an ineffective one can be a significant waste of money.

All marketing efforts must be guided by a comprehensive marketing plan if they hope to succeed. The plan will begin with a number of logistical questions, such as budget estimations and resources.

Sports marketing can get expensive quickly and the companies will need to use their resources wisely.Creative branded gifts and swag for any event.


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Creative branded gifts and swag for any event.

Sports Marketing

Corporate gifts should be a reflection of you and your brand in a beautiful and memorable way. Sports Marketing. Explore the Strategy of Sports Marketing. There are few things in the world as widely loved as sports.

The National Football Foundation reports that 49,, people attended an NCAA football game in , while over million people watched the .

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