British songwriting association

It is heart warming to receive such positive feedback when you have put your soul into doing something so I thank you for your time and support in playing the tracks! Kelly's Lot The Bonnie Mac Band are very grateful to all the blues broadcasters who shared our music with their listeners recently. Particularly in July when we were part of the album of the month slot.

British songwriting association

Sunday, 16 July Get Up and Go! For an alien visitor, matters are more complex. In fact, a popular exercise set by school teachers is for their pupils to describe an activity in extreme detail for an alien who has descended from the skies.

Whilst this is restricted purely to the imagination, occasionally an alien does come down to Earth and their curiosity is more than eager to Get Up and Go! Mooncat has also brought along some of his moon technology, namely the Moon Machine which allows him to peer through either a circle, square or triangle window to monitor those who dwell and toil on Earth.

Oh, and he can teleport too. Looking through the colourful windows of the Moon Machine, Mooncat finds himself examining the life of a window cleaner, investigating where the milkman gets his milk from to ensure that Mooncat can enjoy his beloved Cornflakeswatching a father and daughter take a trip to the library to borrow some books and even delving into horticultural matters by checking out time lapsed footage of mushrooms and plants growing.

Helping to back up these dissections of life on Earth, Beryl and Stephen read stories to Mooncat which centre on the adventures of the little girl Billie and british songwriting association animal friends Woodley the dog, Monkey, Mrs Pinkerton-Trunks the elephant and Mr Milford Haven the lion.

Eventually, Stephen moves out of the shared house and goes to work at a local playgroup, but he still manages to find time to visit Beryl and Mooncat every week.

Helped by a never ending stream of customers such as Pat Coombes, Wilf Lunn and Patsy Rowlands, Mooncat continues to learn about the ways of the world by looking into telling the truth, the pain of missing friends and trips to the opticians.

Rick Vanes had previously worked on scripts for Yorkshire Television and he remembers this association leading to the creation of Get Up and Go!: Lesley had given me my first break as a writer, allowing me to write a test script for an educational series for deaf children that she was planning.

She liked the script and I went on to write two series of the show, Insight, and so when she was given Stepping Stones, she asked me to write it and come up with some ideas.

She wanted it to be entertaining, but full of good educational content for pre-school children, and fancied having a puppet in it.

I came up with a cat from Outer Space, who wanted to find out about life on earth - thereby teaching the viewers at the same time - and named him Mooncat. It was a variation on the name that the early Beatles briefly gave themselves: My other big idea was that instead of having a young presenter most pre-school series at the time seemed to be fronted by bouncy young things, often wearing dungarees we should have a grandma figure.

I said my ideal would be Beryl Reid… and everybody laughed. After my original suggestion of casting Beryl, Lesley Rogers approached her agent.

Lesley was utterly charming and persuasive, and managed to sweet-talk Beryl into considering doing it. Lesley, a researcher and I went to have lunch with Beryl at her cottage by the Thames, and by the end of the afternoon she had agreed to do it.

Last on our list was David Claridge, who was appearing on stage in a Mickey Dolenz production, operating a dog puppet, which he controlled with rods while wearing a blackout suit and remaining in full view of the audience. That was a great decision! David gave a brilliant audition, talking to us and operating the dog puppet at the same time.

This would allow us to introduce a rotating cast of characters visiting the shop, in place of Beryl. I can't remember who chose the actors and actresses who featured as visitors and friends - the task was probably just handed to the Casting Dept.

And then Stephen Boxer and David Claridge left to do other things. The original opening credits for Get Up and Go! However, the more I heard about these two shows, the more I wanted to see them.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Songwriting is not an essential part of becoming a singer but well recommended for those who enjoy a challenge.

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Anyone can write lyrics, wether they are suitable material for performance or commercially viable is irrelevant and there are plenty of open mic nights where you can try out your masterpiece!

The winner of the year old category is Zoe Efstathiou with her song “All She Has To Do’. Judges commented “I think the lyric is heartbreaking and unique – very impressive”, “Brave & insightful”, “Great chord sequence”.

british songwriting association

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December 8, , New York, New York, . Kevin is an award-winning singer/songwriter from southwest Oklahoma. He comes from a family of horsemen and has been a champion rodeo cowboy for many years, competing in bareback, saddle bronc, calf roping, and team roping.

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