Animal imagery in hamlet

Seeing that Macbeth is a tragedy, one would expect the symbolism in the play to also be that of dark, gloomy and depressing and evidently act one started off with a menacing, ominous weather motif of thunder, lightning and rain spoken by the three witches.

Animal imagery in hamlet

He is not however so dark that he is black — this would symbolize his anger and contempt for the world as an abyss. This lighter color also references the numerous occasions in the plot, especially the vulnerability of Claudius in the family chapel, in which Hamlet could have exalted himself and ended the unhappiness in his life.

To me, Hamlet symbolizes chaos — be it anarchy in human society or entropy in the universe.

Animal imagery in hamlet

His purpose is quickly defined within his very first soliloquy — when he almost instantly disregards any possibility of one day becoming king. His fiery desire to play havoc in the royal house of Denmark is further kindled by the ghostly appearance of his father; in my opinion, this visitation did not spark his chaotic disposition, it merely urged it forward.

In my experience, a character most similar to Hamlet is the Joker from the Batman Universe. Both men ultimately choose chaos over order — spending their efforts on destruction rather than adding bricks to the buildings of society.

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Indeed, Hamlet and the Joker are fundamentally individuals in the fight against a greater machine — society, and their most powerful weapon is unpredictability, the fruit of madness.Nov 28,  · Imagery in hamlet essay revenge.

4 stars Childhood to adulthood college essay symbolism in fahrenheit essay working in groups and teams essay public opinion on gun control essay firearms pip great expectations essay help alkyl phosphine synthesis essay rna in situ probe synthesis essay wild animal protection. Sep 22,  · Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a character riddled with darkness and wit.

He is not however so dark that he is black – this would symbolize his anger and contempt for the world as an abyss. Hamlet’s madness is but an appearance and not a reality his hints of hidden humor exhume him from this abysmal black to.

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Note on page 30 the allusion to Hamlet. 7.

Animal imagery in hamlet

That fact that Dracula sees mirrors as vanity is ironic. Why? There is a paradox, but in the gothic, events are not what they seem--he is sexual.

Note the behavior of the dog at Swales’ funeral--animal imagery is a motif in this novel--recall as a parallel, the behavior of the Yahoos in Gulliver IV.

Professor Caroline Spurgeon's work, Shakespeare's Imagery, represents years of work looking for patterns in the number and content of Shakespeare's images, assessing what can be learnt and relating them to the thematic contents of the people talk about animal imagery in Lear or disease imagery in Hamlet, whether they know it or not, they are citing connections first made by Spurgeon.

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Corruption, cruelty and uncertainty--three aspects of the human condition as perceived by Hamlet--are revealed in Hamlet's employment of a rich variety of imagery, .

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