Analysis of cousin kate by christina rossetti

He discarded her when she became pregnant and his affections turned to another village girl, Kate, whom he then married. She is proud of the son she bore him and is sure that the man is unhappy that he and Kate remain childless. This title reflects the ideas of social and class change that the poem explores.

Analysis of cousin kate by christina rossetti

Hardened by sun and air, Contented with my cottage mates, Not mindful I was fair. Why did a great lord find me out, And praise my flaxen hair?

Why did a great lord find me out To fill my heart with care? The poem begins with the description of a beautiful young maiden who spent her days out in the sun and the air. This young maiden was content to be with her cottage mates.

She had no thought for a man and no desire for anything that she did not already have. She claims that she did not even know that she was a beautiful girl until a great lord found her out. While she was once a beautiful young maiden without a care in the world, the attentions of the great lord caused her to become a young maiden quite in love with someone much above her in social status.

Of course, during the Victorian era, few people married for love. Most men married when a handsome dowry could be offered, and most women sought to marry in such a way that would move them up the societal ladder. He wore me like a silken knot, He changed me like a glove; So now I moan, an unclean thing, Who might have been a dove.

Here, the readers can see that what the great lord did for his own joy, was the woe of the young maiden. The way the speaker describes her life as the mistress of the great lord reveals that he used her for his own satisfaction without a thought for the way that it would alter the course of her life for the rest of her days.

In the sixth line of this stanza, the speaker reveals that he finally set her aside completely.

“My Cousin Kate” by Christina Rossetti Essay Sample

She clearly felt that she was nothing more than a toy or an article of clothing to this man. He would use her while she was new and exciting, but he would set her aside when he was done with her.

He had no concern for what it would do to her. But she cries out to tell her story through these words. Her place in society, her future, and her value for herself were all destroyed and all so that a powerful man might use her to amuse himself for a while. He watched your steps along the lane, Your work among the rye; He lifted you from mean estate To sit with him on high.

There is a shift with this stanza so that the speaker is not talking to the readers anymore, but to her cousin, Kate. It is possible that she has been talking to Kate all along. The speaker reveals that her little cousin grew to be more beautiful than she was herself.

Analysis of cousin kate by christina rossetti

Because you were so good and pure He bound you with his ring: The neighbours call you good and pure, Call me an outcast thing. Even so I sit and howl in dust, You sit in gold and sing: Now which of us has tenderer heart? You had the stronger wing. Because Kate would not allow the great lord to take her to his bed without a marriage, the lord married her.

Thus, she rose to the position of a lady.

Language and tone

Then she says that she sits in the dust and howls. This imagery comes from the biblical book of Job, and the description of sitting in the dust and howling is well known as the epitome of despair.


The speaker contrasts herself with Kate, saying that Kate sings while she sits in gold. This is a stark contrast to the speaker, who howls in the dust. But then, the speaker asks a question to Kate. O cousin Kate, my love was true, Your love was writ in sand:“My Cousin Kate” by Christina Rossetti Essay Sample A Poem which was written by Christina Rossetti in the Victorian times between the years An English poet who mainly aimed her poems at children she lived in London and was educated privately.

Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti Essay - The poem, Cousin Kate, written by Christina Rossetti is the story of a cottage maiden and how she was seduced and used by the lord of the estate for which she worked.

A description & analysis of 'O Cousin Kate' by Christina Georgina Rossetti 'O Cousin Kate' - Poem Analysis by Tyler Bryce on Prezi Create Explore Learn & support. Study Guide for Christina Rossetti: Poems Christina Rossetti: Poems study guide contains a biography of poet Christina Rossetti, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of select poems.

"Cousin Kate" is reprinted from Goblin Market, The Prince's Progress and Other Poems. Christina Rosetti.

London: Macmillan Comparison of The Seduction by Eileen McAuley and Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti I will be analyzing the two poems, "Cousin Kate," by Christina Rossetti, and, "The Seduction," by Eileen McAuley.

Both of these poems share the same theme.

Analysis of Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti