An introduction to the life of cleve huff

Statue Dedication Ceremony - June 3, Click Here for Dedication Ceremony movie film The monument was finally completed and the Solano County Band opened the dedication ceremonies with a concert June 3,followed by a parade of tribes and councils in costume led by the Wahoo Drum Corps of Concord. Several thousand spectators showed up for the ceremonies that included speeches by Joseph Knowland, editor of the Oakland Tribune and commission member; Dr. McCormack of Rio Vista, and Gov.

An introduction to the life of cleve huff

The resulting laws and regulations serve as judgments about who is free to go where and do what. See the chart below.

In the years between andwe have been building more and more jail cells but fewer and fewer affordable housing units, and as a result, we now have millions of people without housing, some living on the street, some in cars, some in jails. Other consequences of this disconnect are stark too.

In city after city nationwide, we see new Quality of Life ordinances and anti-panhandling statutes. In Las Vegas, for example, both panhandlers and the people who give them money can be fined and providing people free meals for homeless people in parks is banned.

In San Francisco, a hotly debated new measure would make it illegal for people to sit down on city sidewalks. As a result, one McDonald's on a street that has a relatively high concentration of homeless people, Haight Street, has become the only franchise in the city that has stopped offering its popular Dollar Menu.

These are only the latest developments in a city where the mayor sailed into office on a platform known as Care Not Cash that severely limits cash assistance to the homeless.

All these laws and ordinances and many more like them are presented to the public as serving the greater good, making cities more livable, improving public safety; in a nutshell, increasing quality of life across the board.

Residents' quality of life is enhanced because they live in safer, cleaner cities. Businesses are able to attract more customers. Cities themselves are able to attract more tourists.

An introduction to the life of cleve huff

All in all, Quality of Life ordinances seem to work for everyone. Quality of Life is, of course, a well-chosen phrase. It has a nice ring to it, it sounds upbeat and profound at the same time. Who could possibly oppose such a thing? One group might be those who care about social justice and our collective responsibility towards the economically marginalized -- the exact people who are, more often than not, on the receiving end of Quality of Life initiatives.

Clearly, quality of life refers to some lives, the lives that are worthy of legal and public protection. Other lives, on the other hand, do not seem to fall into this category.

As in most instances, these ordinances have proved to be detrimental to the health, opportunities, and daily lives of people experiencing homelessness and those of lower socioeconomic status.

In fact, it appears as if Quality of Life is a zero-sum game: I can only increase mine if I decrease yours. For a growing segment of our country, these initiatives simply institutionalize the inequalities of life. City residents, who may not have a problem with the poor or poverty per se, are offered a way of not having to think about them, see them, or interact with them.

In the larger scheme of things, however, what the Quality of Life movement really represents is a modern take on old-fashioned segregation.

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The resulting laws and regulations serve as judgments about who can and who cannot occupy public spaces, about who is free to go where and do what. Reminiscent of urban policies from a dark era of American history, they share many similarities with their Jim Crow forefathers.

But where Jim Crow laws were explicitly based on race, their contemporary counterparts are ostensibly free from racial bias.

An introduction to the life of cleve huff

Instead, they focus more prominently on socioeconomic markers by targeting the homeless, the hungry, and the poor. In practice, of course, race and socioeconomic status cannot be separated from one another, and many of the Quality of Life ordinances affect people of color disproportionately.

In its three years of existencethis Quality of Life initiative has led to 27, arrests in a square block area known as Skid Row, which abuts a fashionable area the city is trying to redevelop. Skid Row is home to about 14, residents: Either way, the principle remains the same: In the Land of the Free, there are city residents who are seeing their freedoms curtailed by a growing system of measures that essentially defines them as second-class citizens.

This process of stratification is based, as it has been in the past, on valuing the rights and privileges of some while denying or stripping away the rights of others.HUFF MATTHEW B. HUFF age 80, entered into eternal rest on Feb. 2, Cherished father of Marchand Odette; loving brother of Daniel Huff (Elaine), also survived by scores of devoted nieces, nephews and dear friends.

Korean Conflict Navy Veteran. . Life is not a lottery. The ability to choose the way we respond to our circumstances is fundamental to an entrepreneurial mindset. Choices, rather than circumstances, will ultimately shape our lives. An entrepreneurial mindset empowers you to be mindful of your choices, choosing the life you want rather than accepting life as it is.

PM Admission: $15, $8 Students w/ ID CLICK HERE for advance tickets Mike Vax – trumpet/flugelhorn, Tony Vacca-sax/flute, Jack Petersen-guitar, Joel Robin-piano, Selwyn Reams-bass, Cleve Huff-drums Mike Vax is an International Artist for the Getzen Musical Instrument Company.

Requirements for the Baccalaureate Degree Credit Hour Requirements. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in the College of Liberal Arts require a minimum of credits, distributed according to the university and college policy outlined below, with at least a .

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