A busy traffic scene

Chief arrived with a vehicle into the rear of a tractor trailer. Squad 33 arrived and stabilized the vehicle and secured the battery. The accident could have been much worse if speeds had been higher but fortunately no major injuries to the vehicle operator.

A busy traffic scene

In constitutional law in the United Statesa traffic stop is considered to be a subset of the Terry stop ; the standard set by the United States Supreme Court in Terry v.

Ohio regarding temporary detentions requires only reasonable articulable suspicion that a crime has occurred or is about to occur.

Before probable cause[ edit ] Traffic stops may be executed upon reasonable articulable suspicion that a crime has occurred, which can range from an observation of a possible equipment violation to suspicion of driving under the A busy traffic scene DUI based on driving behavior.

In some jurisdictions, general roadblock checkpoints are applied for random checks of driver.

A busy traffic scene

A primary purpose of the traffic stop at this point is frequently to determine if the police have probable cause for arrest. At this stage, the police are not required to issue a Miranda warningbecause a traffic stop prior to formal arrest is not consider to be custodial under Mirandaand will often ask questions intended to elicit the suspect to provide answers that may be used as evidence in the event of an arrest.

Non-evidentary testing falls under this stage because implied consent laws in the US generally do not apply to Preliminary Breath Test PBT testing small handheld devices, as opposed to evidential breath test devices. For some violations, such as refusals by commercial drivers or by drivers under 21 years of age, some US jurisdictions may impose implied consent consequences for a PBT refusal.

Probable cause Probable cause is the arrest stage in which sufficient evidence is available to sustain a warrant for arrest. Probable cause is a stronger standard of evidence than a reasonable suspicion, but weaker than what is required to secure a criminal conviction.

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In some cases, notably DUI stops, the "sufficient evidence" is used for requiring an evidentiary chemical test e. While state terminology regarding whether evidentiary testing is an "arrest", such testing is Constitutionally a "search incident to arrest".

Police vehicles except those used by undercover personnel traditionally have sirens, loudspeakers, and lightbars that rotate or flash. These devices are used by the officer to get the attention of the suspect and to signal that they are expected to move over to the shoulder and stop.

Failure to comply could result in citation of failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and possibly raise suspicion that the driver is attempting to flee.

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Similar alerting devices are also typically equipped on other emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances, although police departments often use blue lights to signal drivers to pull over. In all cases, such signals and the laws requiring that other vehicles pull to the shoulder allow the emergency vehicles to pass other traffic safely and efficiently when responding to emergency situations.

In the case of a traffic stop, the officer pulls the patrol vehicle behind the subject vehicle as it stops instead of proceeding past as he or she would during other emergency responses. Depending upon the severity of the offense which the officer believes to have occurred, the officer may either arrest the suspect, by taking him or her to jail, or check for any outstanding warrants before issuing a citation also called a notice to appear or summons in some jurisdictions, which is essentially a traffic ticket.

A busy traffic scene

In some cases, officers may choose to simply issue a verbal or written warning. Many states have enacted laws requiring freeway traffic approaching the police vehicle to merge over to the left, leaving an entire lane as a buffer zone for the officer. A "felony" or "high-risk" traffic stop occurs when police stop a vehicle which they have strong reason to believe contains a driver or passenger suspected of having committed a serious crime, especially of a nature that would lead the police to believe the suspects may be armed such as an armed robbery, assault with a weapon, or an outstanding felony warrant for the registered owner.

In a high risk stop, officers attempt to provide their own safety by issuing instructions to maintain absolute control over every step of the proceedings.

They will have additional officers on scene for back-up, often waiting for additional officers to join up before initiating the stop.Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Town [Richard Scarry] on ashio-midori.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Richard Scarry's classic book that takes readers all around town!

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